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Animation with Paintbrush and Movie Maker

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Keywords: movie making, animation, moviemaker, images, art
Subject(s): Art, Video, Technology, Information Skills, Photography
Grades 6 through 12
School: Thompson Community Center, Warren, MI
Planned By: Sylvia Maisano
Original Author: Sylvia Maisano, Warren
I can remember, as a student, we created animation by using a stack of paper, stapled, and taking the time to draw the image from the last page to the first. Now, with technology being what it is today, Windows Movie Maker and Paintbrush software can recreate the same effect with more options for build and transition and even adding audio to a project.

1. Have students create a short story using the flip pages animation (the old fashion way). 10 slides is a good limit, unless you have advanced students and you can exceed this limit.

2. Using Paintbrush, have students recreate their flip pages, one picture at a time, in the software application. Be sure students save to a folder they have access too only.

3. Using MovieMaker, import the media into the program (all their pictures) and have them place the pictures in order for their movie. Have them add a title slide and a credit slide. Import audio to go with their project. Show them build and transition and use both the storyboard and timeline view.

4. Save the project and the movie.

Have students discuss the benefits of using technology in this project. Have them explain about animation and the long process.
Discuss the difference between creating the pictures and stop animation.
create an assignment for stop animation.
Materials: Video Tools, Animation