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Noticias Locas

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Keywords: AP Spanish, Spanish,
Subject(s): Foreign Language
Grades 11 through 12
School: Hamilton Heights High School, Arcadia, IN
Planned By: Jane Shields
Original Author: Jane Shields, Arcadia
Objective: High school students will make a news broadcast filming a crazy news story.

Flip videos

1. After reading the story "El Decimo" in which the plot involves a lost lottery ticket, students will read a crazy news story (Noticias Locas) about actual lost lottery tickets.
2. Students can read additional Noticias Locas from the website: http://www.noticiaslocas.com/ to get ideas.
3. In groups of 3 students will write their original Noticias Locas. Each group should have an anchor, and on-site reporter, and an eyewitness. Each person must have at least 8 speaking lines.
4. Students will submit a script to be graded according to a rubric.
5. Students will film and edit their Noticias Locas outside of class.
6. Students will share their videos with their classmates.
This is a fun break for the AP Spanish class after they have tackled their first Spanish short story.
Materials: Foreign Language, LCD Monitors, Flip Video