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"FLIP-iT" - Where Do I Go From Here?

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Keywords: Interviews, Seniors, Social Studies, Career, Goals,
Subject(s): Video, Podcasting, Social Studies, Civics
Grade 12
School: Oakridge High School, Muskegon, MI
Planned By: Bob Wood
Original Author: Bob Wood, Muskegon
Goal of the Project:
The goal is to work with graduating seniors in my Senior Current Issues class; for them to to take a closer look at themselves, their values, and their future at this pivotal time in their lives.

Project Idea:
I traveled the Middle East this summer with the Flip Camera. I did many 3:00 to 5:00 minute interviews with people I met - all with the intention of bringing their words back into my classroom. Because the Flip camera is so simple to use and unobtrusive in the recording process it is the perfect tool for interviewing. Those I took this summer, which I currently use in the classroom...got me thinking of how to use it with my seniors.

Description of “Flip it” -
Seniors benefit from a sense of reflection as they move towards graduation - “FLIP-iT” will enhance the opportunity to do just that. The project (which has been shaped entirely with student input) calls on students to do four interviews with themselves through out their senior year. The guidelines are simple. Have a friend or family member interview you or use the available tripod, set up the Flip Camera and talk the interview through on your own. The interview must run 4:00 to 6:00. The interview must be entirely of the student subject. A friend can ask questions - but the subject in the view frame window for the duration must be the target student. Each interview will be turned in with an accompanying evaluation assignment which asks the student to answer the following - 1 title the interview. 2 - tell why you chose the topic that you chose. 3 - pull one quote of yourself out of the interview and explain in depth why this quote reflects the interview. 4 - choose a word that best defines the your attitude towards the interview topic at this time in your life. 5- on second thought - after re-watching your interview anything you would've liked to say that you missed here. And finally, reflect on the future in regards to the particular topic. Assignment guidelines have been established by students. Students also provided a list of fifty topics - ranging from - “Me and my Mom”, “Should I vote?”, “Child soldiers in Africa”, “Gay or Straight does it matter”, “I love school”, “I hate school” and beyond. The final topic is assigned - “ Where do I go from here?” The rest are suggestions. Student may choose their own. The part that really seems to resonate with students - is that we save each of these Flip interviews - and at the end of the school year burn them onto individual CD’s. That way they have a Senior Souvenir. The last interview “Where do I go from here?” might. upon further reflection, provide them some incentive to stay the course down the road when things get tuff. Students have also noted that they might want to share their Flip interviews with one another as a class (only those who agree) at the end of the school year to take a look back at their 2009/10 school year.

The deadline dates for the four Flip videos have been set by students. Friday prior to the end of MP#2, MP#3, MP#4 - and Friday prior to the last week of school. .

Project Evaluation:
I will watch the video and grade the corresponding assignment. The video portion of the grading is simple - if you adhere to the “subject only “in the viewframe window (you may provide recording of images other than yourself in the window if they pertain to the topic), the interview runs 4:00 to 6:00, and you stay on subject, you cover filming requirements. Grades will be adjusted for the written portion of the assignment which will count 50% of the final grade.

Project Budget:
We need multiple Flip Cameras. I will provide students my camera and have already bought a second camera out of pocket. Our principal bought a third for the project. To do this right however we need more cameras - multiple cameras would allow students to have easy access. I want them to be able to check these cameras out for a couple days at a time, to be able to do the interviews when and where they are comfortable...which probably will be at home. I would assume we will have all the cameras out in student hands on a regular basis.
Materials: Flip Video
Other Items: 12 Flip Camera recorders - as many as possible, $149 each, total of $1788.00