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Picture Perfect Plants

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Keywords: Plants, Digital Cameras
Subject(s): Technology, Photography, Science
Grades 4 through 5
School: Bacon District Elem School, Saxe, VA
Planned By: Jennifer Roller
Original Author: Jennifer Roller, Saxe
During the unit on plants, students will take what they know about the main parts of the plant and apply that to the real world.

Students will take a nature walk outside and find examples of each structure of the plant (root, leaves, stem, flower). Students will take a digital picture of each part that they find. The goal would be to find four different plant parts and take a picture of each structure.

After the students have completed taking pictures of each plant structure, they will download these pictures onto computers in the computer lab. They will crop these photos and print them using digital editing software. Once the pictures are printed, the students will arrange the pictures to make one plant that contains all the parts. These will go on display around the school.

This lesson is a wonderful opportunity to get your students out of their seats and outside. They love being able to identify the plants in their environment.
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
In Social Studies students could research the types of plants that the pilgrims brought over from England.

In Mathematics, students could calculate the growth of a plant over time. Students could plant a seed and track growth each day and display this information in a chart.

In Reading, students could research different types of plants native to their area. Students could also read about plant facts: the largest plant in the world, the smelliest plant, etc.
For a follow up, students could do this again identifying and taking pictures on the structure of a flower (stamen, pistil, sepal, ovary, filament)
Links: Great Plant Escape
Materials: Digital Cameras, Point and Shoot, Batteries, English/Language Arts