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Biographical Timelines

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Keywords: biography, timeline
Subject(s): Writing, Reading, Information Skills, Social Studies, History
Grades 2 through 3
School: Dozier Elementary School, Erath, LA
Planned By: Stacy Broussard
Original Author: Stacy Broussard, Erath
Biographical Timelines

Curriculum: Language Arts( Reading) Social Studies

Grades 2-3

Overview: Students will choose a biography or an autobiography to read and create a timeline on the person's life.

Framework: ELA-5-E6 Interpret graphic organizers-timelines (k-4; 1,2,3,4,5) ELA-6-E3 Recognize different genres; identify and determine the difference between fiction and nonfiction (K-4; 1,2,4,5) ELA-7-M1 Use comprehension strategies (summarizing, sequencing) in contexts (5-8; 1,2,4) H-1A-E1 Demonstrate an understanding of time and chronology (K-4; 1,3,4)

Objectives: TLW read and sequence the events in a biography or autobiography. TLW create a timeline using the events of a person's life. TLW explain the difference between a fiction and nonfiction book. TLW explain the organization of informational texts.

Materials: A variety of biography and autobiogaphy books Rough copy of timelines (graphic organizer) Examples of timelines Chart paper

Techconnection: Timeliner software or Timeline interactives online


1. Introduce the terms biography / autobiography.

2. Read aloud short examples of these genres.

3. Question students on the differences between the two. Also discuss the differences between fiction and nonfiction works.

4. Display an example of a timeline.

5. As a class, create a timeline using one of the read alouds above.

6. Point out the components of a timeline (title, sequence, dates/years,events)

7. Display a variety of biographies and autobiographies for the students to choose.

8. Students choose a book and are given about 2-3 days to read and create a rough draft of a timeline.

9. Teacher approves rough draft. Students sign up to enter timelines into the computer.

Assessment: Assessment rubric Observation

In this lesson you will see students actually engaged in the software and using organization techniques. Final copies of the timelines will be displayed on a bulletin board outside my door.
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
Curriculum: Language Arts( Reading) Social Studies
Using the timeline, the students can write about their person, using their timeline as the guide.
Links: Our Parish Wide Timeline Link (Several interactives)
Materials: Mobile Labs, Timeline