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Mrs. Stacy Broussard
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Dozier Elementary School
Class Information:
Personal Information:
About Me:
Served on SBL Committee two years Served on Revision for 3rd Grade Math Book in 2008 Attended K-3 Initiative Class at UL INTECH Trained Completed LaTel Technology Course (2007) Trained as Louisiana Assessor/Mentor (Summer of 2008) Supervising Teacher for UL Intern (2008) Trained and Presenter for LA Content Literacy Strategies 3rd Grade Chairperson 2006-2008 Co-coordinator Math/Science Night Certified in Dibels LAE-VAE Member Trained in Spalding Trained in Success for All Trained in PBS Administered and Trained in DRA Member Alpha Epilson Chapter of Delta Kapppa Gamma
College and Degrees:
1991 Abbeville High Graduate 1996 Graduate of UL, Bachelor of Arts Degree
Employment History:
Professional 14 years experience 10 Years at Dozier 4 Years at Eaton Park
Why Do I Teach?:
I enjoy working with children and learning something every day.
Free/Reduced Lunch Program Enrollment:: 50 %
Number of students I teach:: 24 students