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Louisiana Cinquains

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Keywords: Cinquains
Subject(s): Writing, Social Studies, Spelling, Grammar, Science
Grade P-K
School: Dozier Elementary School, Erath, LA
Planned By: Stacy Broussard
Original Author: Stacy Broussard, Erath
Title: Louisiana Cinquains (Can be adapted to other states)

Curriculum: Language Arts Science Social Studies

Grades: 2-3

Overview: Students review language and grammar skills taught throughout the year. Students will also utilize the writing process in order to compose a form of poetry (cinquains). Finally students will incorporate our study on Louisiana as a focus on their poems.

Framework: ElA-2-E3 Create written text using the writing process (K-4;1,4) ElA-2-E4 Use description to develop composition (ex. poems)(K-4;1,4) ELA-3-E4 Use knowledge of the parts of speech to make choices for writing (K-4;1,4) ELA-5-E4 Use available technology to produce, revise, and publish a variety of works(K-4;1,3,4) ELA-4-E4 Give unrehearsed and rehearsed presentations (K-4;1,4) LS-EC2 Describe how features of animals enable them to live in specific habitats (K-4;1,2,3,4,5) LS-E-C1 Examine habitats of animals and determine how basic needs are met within the habitat (K-4;1,2,3,4,5) LS-E-A4 Recognize that there is a great diversity among organisms;(K-4;1)


The learner will recognize and use parts of speech (nouns, verbs, adjectives) in written texts.
The learner will create and describe text using adjectives in a poem.
The learner will create, edit, and publish a cinquain poem.
The learner will use software to extend learning activities. The learner will demonstrate the ability to use input devices to interact with computers.

Materials: *Pictures of animals that live in Louisiana *thesaurasus *cinquain examples *Graphic organizer handout (cinquains) *Copies of partner checklist for editing *reference books (encclopedias, nonfiction animal books, Louisiana references *Encarta CD (other resource software)
Techconnection: *Powerpoint * Online references for animals

1. Display pictures, reference materials, and examples of cinquain poems.

2. Read aloud Mosquito cinquain below: Mosquito Pesty, annoying Buzzes, swarms, stings Nests in moist areas Nuisance

3. Compare the above poem to poems students are familiar with. (Cinquains do not have a rhythm or rhyme)

4. Display the following pattern on a transparency or chart; Line 1: Noun Line 2: Two adjectives describing the noun Line 3: Three verbs showing the action of the noun Line 4: Four word statement telling about the noun Line

5: Repeat the noun or use a synonym for the noun 5. Discuss and review the parts of speech covered within the pattern. (nouns, verbs, adjectives, synonyms)

6. Create a class cinquain on a butterfly using format above.

7. Students brainstorm animals relative to Louisiana.

8. Students are given a graphic organizer of the cinqain pattern above.

9. Students write their cinquains (rough drafts).

10. Students use a checklist to peer edit each other's work for capitalization, punctuation, grammar, and spelling.

11. Students sign up to publish their work on a powerpoint slide. (This will be done throughout the day on an individual basis since I have only one computer.)

12. Teacher compiles all slides into a slide show. 13. Class time is set aside to present final copies in a slide show presentation conducted by the students.
Assessment: *Assessment rubric *Student/teacher checklist *Observation
Can be adapted to other states.
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
Curriculum: Language Arts Science Social Studies
Materials: Mobile Labs, Digital Cameras, Wildlife, Camera Bags, Flash/USB Drives, Tripods, Batteries, Memory Cards, Office Suite, Word Processor