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RAFT Christmas Writing Project

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Keywords: RAFT, writing
Subject(s): Spelling, English/Language Arts, Reading, Writing, Grammar
Grades 2 through 4
School: Dozier Elementary School, Erath, LA
Planned By: Stacy Broussard
Original Author: Stacy Broussard, Erath
Project Goal: Students will work collaboratively to write a diary journal entry for each of the specified Christmas characters listed. The students will them type paragraphs or powerpoints for a presentation of their entry.

GLE's for this lesson

•Use reference aids such as dictionaries, thesauruses, synonym finders, and reference software to determine word meanings, word choices, and pronunciations (ELA-1-E1)

•Read texts, chapter books, and informational materials silently at independent reading level (ELA-1-E7)

•Demonstrate understanding of information in grade-appropriate texts using a variety of strategies, including distinguishing between a main idea and a summary (ELA-7-E1)

•Apply basic reasoning skills, including identifying differences between fact and opinion (ELA-7-E4)

•Apply basic reasoning skills, including raising questions to obtain clarification and/or direct investigation (ELA-7-E4)

•Apply basic reasoning skills, including connecting what is learned to real-life situations (ELA-7-E4)

•Incorporate grade-appropriate vocabulary and information when writing for an intended audience and/or purpose (ELA-2-E2)

•Develop compositions of two or more paragraphs using writing processes such as selecting a topic (ELA-2-E3)

•Develop compositions of two or more paragraphs using writing processes such as prewriting using strategies such as brainstorming, locating information, and generating graphic organizers (ELA-2-E3)

•Develop compositions of two or more paragraphs using writing processes such as revising and proofreading (ELA-2-E3)

•Develop compositions of two or more paragraphs using writing processes such as creating a final draft for publication (ELA-2-E3)

•Use standard English punctuation, including commas to separate phrases in a series (ELA-3-E2)

•Use standard English punctuation, including commas to separate parts of addresses (ELA-3-E2)

•Capitalize the first word in direct quotations and proper adjectives (e.g., American flag, Mexican food) (ELA-3-E2)

•Write using standard English structure and usage, including avoiding run-on sentences (ELA-3-E3)

•Write using standard English structure and usage, including using verbs in the future tense (ELA-3-E3)

•Write using standard English structure and usage, including making subjects and verbs agree in sentences with simple and compound subjects and predicates (ELA-3-E3)

Time Span: One week 45 minutes daily.

Lesson Plan:

1.Divide the class into five groups.

2.Share the RAFT PowerPoint with the plan of action with the students. State the purpose of the project. Review the role, assignment, format, and topic for a RAFT writing assignment. See powerpoint lesson explain the lesson to the students. (See link below) Teacher should have one example to share before lesson begins.

3.Step 1: Assign each group a different character, Santa, Mrs. Claus, elves, and the reindeer. Each role will produce a diary journal for their activities as that character on Christmas Eve.

•Roles: Elf, Reindeer, Santa, Mrs. Claus, Mouse
•Audience: classmates
•Format: Diary entry
•Topic: Christmas Eve at the North Pole

4.Step 2: One groups are chosen, each group will brainstorm the different types of jobs each character assigned to them might do at the North Pole. Gather with graphic organizers or one student can take notes.

5.Step 3: Next the group will work collaboratively write a journal entry.

•The topic and central theme of the project – “It is Christmas Eve and everyone is very busy. Tell what their day is like and the different things they've had to do to help Santa prepare for the big night.”

6.Step 4: Students will then work together and edit the copies while proofreading.

7.Step 5: Students can take pictures of “Santa, Mrs. Claus, Mouse, Elf, Reindeer” stuffed animals, pictures, ornaments, etc. that represent the group’s characters in the journal entry.

8. Step 6: Each group will work on typing their assignments in MS Word, in a blog or in PowerPoint.

9. Each group will them do a presentation either reading their final diary a loud or do a presentation using their powerpoint. Pictures taken by the students will be included in the presentation. Each group will use a flip camera and film each other’s presentations.

The students really enjoy working with this project!
After filming segments, have the student watch the flip cam video and have the students "retell" each others stories for comprehension.
Links: Vermilion's RAFT Writing Links (Explanations)
PowerPoint to explain the lesson details
See one of our projects with photos!
Materials: Memory Cards, Batteries, Tripods, Flash/USB Drives, Camera Bags, Camera/Video Accessories, Projector Screens, Point and Shoot, Flip Video, Mobile Labs, Mice, Writing, Word Processor