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What does Citizenship mean to you?

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Keywords: podcast, citizenship, yodio
Subject(s): Business, Civics, Technology, Podcasting, Journalism, History, English/Language Arts
Grades 9 through 12
NETS-S Standard:
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Research and Information Fluency
  • Digital Citizenship
  • Technology Operations and Concepts
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School: Northeastern High School, Elizabeth Cty, NC
Planned By: Jennifer Simons
Original Author: Jennifer Simons, Elizabeth Cty
Step 1: This month’s character trait is citizenship. Your handbook defines citizenship as “the status of a citizen with rights and duties; essential component of defining a democratic state; individual building social welfare.”

1. Take 10 minutes to Google citizenship. What does dictionary.com say about it? What images can you find?
2. Take another 10 minutes to read some articles on citizenship. What do they say? Do you agree or disagree?
3. Now write a short paper on what citizenship means to you. You are welcome to site source or use quotes, but I want it to be YOUR OWN interpretation of citizenship. This paper will be your script. You will need to practice your script and be ready to record your citizenship speech tomorrow using Yodio.
4. E-mail your script to _________________@______________.

Step 2: You will record your citizenship speeches in Yodio using the telephone.

1. Call 9-1-877-699-6346 on the classroom phone and follow the directions to record your speech. Be sure to speak clearly and slowly. You may record multiple times to get a good clean copy. When you are done, you will want to send it to the Yodio account.
2. Go to yodio.com and login. ID is __________, password is ____________.
3. Choose the Audio tab. Click on the pencil and paper to rename your file as CZSP Lastname. You can listen to your Yodio by clicking the play button.

Step 3: We need to publish your Yodio.
1. Click the Create Yodio tab and click Create a standard blank Yodio… At the picture tab, drag and drop your picture to the image box on the right side publishing screen.
2. Click the Choose Audio tab
3. Click on your recording and drag it to the publishing window on the right. When you are ready, click Publish Options and enter your name and “This is my opinion of what citizenship is. First name last name, ______________High School, ________________, NC” Choose the appropriate content level.
4. Click Publish. At the top of the page you can preview your recording.

You have just published a Yodio. If you have a computer at home, you can add your yodio to your own website or to your face book page. Yodio is free and you can easily set up your own personal account!
Materials: Microphones, Headsets, Podcasting