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The "Point" of Me... and GeoMEtry

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Keywords: measurement, angle, protractor, line segment, point, geometry
Subject(s): English/Language Arts, Math, Reading, Drama, Writing, Geometry, Grammar, Geography, Technology, Spelling, Art, Information Skills
Grades 3 through 5
School: Morehead Montessori School, Durham, NC
Planned By: sharon thomas
Original Author: Sharon Thomas, Durham
The teacher reads the following story aloud to students pausing to allow students time to create different characters, and settings to go along with the story. As the story progresses teacher allows for "wait time" as students begin to see the patterns within the story pertaining to a deeper understanding of vocabulary. Additionally students are given time to explain jokes enveloped into the story as this also enhances the meaning of vocabulary.


the end of the story, students then create their own "Kingdom". The requirements are that the vocabulary terms are somehow shown within the illustrations created. The students are then asked to "retell" the story using their storyboard, or explain/justify why they drew certain things and how the illustrations connect to the vocabulary words.

This is also a time for the teacher to work with students individually using different strategies based on student need to gain a deeper understanding of vocabulary. For example, using interactive websites, researching terms from the glossary of text books, the use of manipulative, etc.

An Extension to this lesson is to allow students to write their own stories using geometry vocabulary to then share with the class. Students can also edit and revise the original version of the story. Another extension is to create a class book using a website such as My Publisher in which the students can become author's at a very low cost ($10-$15).

This lesson is then used as the foundation to further knowledge of geometry concepts as students study geometric forms, classify, use coordinate planes, etc.

These materials would allow for students to create a storyboard creating a "kingdom" using geometry vocabulary. The storyboard can then be used (take pictures of) to create a hardbound classroom book. The flash drive will assist in managing and using images and word documents to collaborate and share student work.
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
This project crosses over into Language Arts in terms of reading fluency, decoding, meaning of words, author's purpose, point of view, story elements, and more. It also crosses into geography as students create their kingdoms taking into account various land forms and water features, needs of the community (businesses, homes, farms, etc). This project also incorporates mathematical concepts previously learned to maintain a level of mastery as well as enhancing understanding in a deeper level. The project also upholds an expectation to use higher level thinking skills.
Writing narrative stories, informational reading, research skills, extension projects based on student interest, collaborative group work, and more
Materials: Elementary, Flash/USB Drives, Art Tools
Other Items: 2 Crayola washable markers bulk pack, $16.85 each, total of $33.70
4 Printpix 8X8 photobook, $24.00 each, total of $96.00
5 5-pack of 1/2 sheet poster board paper, $14.41 each, total of $72.05
1 flashdrive, $9.99 each, total of $9.99