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21st Century Picasso

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Keywords: Art, geometry,
Subject(s): Art, Spelling, Grammar, Writing, Math
Grades 2 through 6
NETS-S Standard:
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Technology Operations and Concepts
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School: Chalkville Elementary School, Birmingham, AL
Planned By: Alicia Dorsey
Original Author: Alicia Dorsey, Birmingham
1) Review the different types of lines, angles and geometric shapes we have learned about so far.
2) Students will then use Microsoft Publisher to create their portraits using the line and shape function of the program focusing on using the previously learned lines, angles and shapes from their math class.
3) Once the students are finished they will save them to folder on our shared drive.
4) I will then print each portrait.
5) Students will then compose a descriptive paper about their portrait. In this paper they will have to identify the different lines, angles and shapes they used, explain how they used them and why they used them in that way.
6) We will peer edit/teacher edit the rough drafts of their papers, and then the students will create a typed version.
7) The students will also be able to be creative with their typed versions as well. They will choose which font they believe best suits their portrait as well as add any kind of border they would like to also represent their portrait. The border portion will be optional.
8) Students will print their papers when completed to be displayed along side their 21st century Picasso portraits!
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
Research artists similar to Picasso and compare his works to theirs.
Materials: Mobile Labs, Printers
Other Items: 1 Ream of Paper, $8.00 each, total of $8.00
1 HP 245/246 ink cartridge, $54.99 each, total of $54.99