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Keywords: social issues, visual art, ipad, digital art, student voice
Subject(s): Service Learning, Art
Grades 9 through 12
NETS-S Standard:
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Communication and Collaboration
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School: RL Patton High School, Morganton, NC
Planned By: Robin Bias
Original Author: Robin Bias, Morganton
Everyone has a passion, an opinion, or a cause. Whether it is social, political, psychological or theological, raising awareness of a situation is something we see every day. People run for Austism, walk for Breast Cancer, and collect food for those living in poverty.

Create a poster that demonstrates your feelings on an issue or cause. Include imagery, metaphors, symbols and written language/word. Don't pick too general of a topic so make sure it is specific. choose a cause that is personal to you which will motivate your energy and effort into this project.

Consider all of these elements:
-your audience, color, content, composition.
-size, medium

1. Complete a proposal and get feedback from the instructor.
2. Create multiple sketches on layout plans and poster content. Document research exploring your topic/cause.
3. Studio time to work on poster. (Poster can be made through a variety of digital programs or hand made traditionally. )
4. Turn in completed work. Create revisions after class critique.
5. Complete self evaluation.
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
I feel that this project would benefit the following areas: community awareness, science and history for current and modern day issues.
Materials: Student Resources, Art Tools
Other Items: 7 ipads, $236.16 each, total of $1653.12