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Letter Writing Campaign
Step 4 - Write Letters

Writing is part of every school's curriculum. The planning and execution of a letter-writing campaign is an excellent real-life application of the English curriculum.

It's also a great deal of fun, and there is a tremendous benefit in community outreach. Community members with little or no connection to your classroom, will suddenly take an interest in your success.

Every Letter Should Include:

1) Personal letter.

2) Donation request form.

3) Self-addressed return envelope (add postage if possible).

Make it easy for your recipients to donate!

Tips for Success

  • Plan your letters with the pre-writing worksheets provided.
  • Tell your story - don't just ask for donations.
  • Invite them to read more about your classroom projects at Digital Wish.
  • Include instructions on how they can donate. Supporters need to know who to make the check out to!
  • Be sure your budget includes items in all price ranges. You'll want them to be able to contribute at any level.
  • Don't forget to decorate the envelopes, draw pictures, or include photos.