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Chromebooks - Grade B or Better, Various Brands

Item #: DC-11 | Grades 3-12
Status: shipping now!

Get Chromebooks for Students and Teachers!

There is currently a widescale market shortage of Chromebooks that extends into next year. Digital Wish works with many vendors to locate currently shipping supplies of Chromebooks. If you need Chromebooks before the start of the school year, purchase this product and Digital Wish will get you the first available Chromebooks from all of our suppliers.

Order as many Chromebooks as you need and you will receive the first available "Grade B* or better" Chromebooks. The make and model will vary, but all Chromebooks will be from known and reputable brands. Most models we ship typically include Dell, HP, Acer, Lenovo and Asus. Chromebooks will ship in the order received. There is no limit on how many Chromebooks you can order. Shipments occur as soon as inventory is available.

The delivery window is currently running between 2 days...and 2 weeks on average, depending on inventory available and the quantity you've requested. There is no expedited shipping option. If the delivery is expected to extend beyond 2 weeks, we will contact you.

All Chromebooks include a minimum 30 day warranty. Google Chrome Management software and cases are sold separately.

*Grade B Chromebooks show slight signs of wear and are fully functional. The all also include a 30 Day Warranty. Power cord and shipping is included in the price. Images of Chromebooks shown may not be the one you receive.