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Apple TV

  • Watch 1080p HD movies
  • 32 GB storage
  • Stream from iOS devices via AirPlay
  • project iPad image on large screen
  • Collective work with educational apps
Grades K-12
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 iGuy Protective Frame for iPad Mini

  • Drop Tested
  • Free Staning
  • Huggable
Grades K-12
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FitFolio Cover & Stand for iPad Mini

  • Fits iPad Mini
  • Slim, lightweight cover
  • Form fitting cradle
  • Multiple stand angles
  • Smooth snap clasp
Grades K-12
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Belkin Portable Tablet Stage Stand for Presenters (iPad, Kindle and more)

  • Stable, adjustable platform
  • Captures images and live video of objects and text
  • Perfect for presentations and collaborating
  • Folds into a flat, lightweight package
  • Integrated cable management
  • Case-compatible design
  • Works with the Belkin Stage™ App
Grades K-12
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Sync Cable for iPad

1 Meter USB Std A-30Pin Apple SYNC DOCK USB 2.0 Cable
Grades K-12
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Osmo Classroom Kit for Centers

  • Includes 4 Osmo bases
  • 3 sets each of Words,
  • Tangram, Numbers,
  • Masterpiece and Newton apps
  • 2x Teacher Guides
  • Storage system
Grades K-4
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Osmo Explorer Kit Games for iPads

  • Includes: Osmo iPad Base
  • Coding blocks,Tangram pieces
  • Numbers and Word tiles
  • Monster creative board, dry-erase markers, fuzzy pouch
  • 7 game apps
  • Stackable Storage
Grades K-7
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Osmo Classroom Starter Edition Bundle

  • Includes 10 Osmo bases
  • 2 sets each of Words, Tangram,
  • Numbers, Coding Series,
  • Monster with Creative Board,
  • Pizza Co., Masterpiece and
  • Newton apps
Grades K-4
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AV Adapter for iPad - Digital HDTV

Grades K-12
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Folio Case for iPad

  • Durable case for iPad
  • Variety of viewing angles
  • Easy access to all ports, switches and cameras
  • Easy to clean
Grades K-12
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DUX Case for 5th and 6th Gen iPads

  • Designed for heavy classroom or work use
  • Clear back for easy viewing of barcodes
  • Water resistant polyurethane cover
  • Magnetic closure for easy typing, folding and viewing
Grades K-12
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