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Users who want Colorful Student Keyboard also want...

Asus 18.5" LCD Monitor
Single Unit
This monitor is great for classroom use. It provides crisp, clear images, and with an 18.5" screen students will be able to gather around and share their projects to the entire class. $99.00
Epson PowerLite LCD Projector
Single Unit
Ideal for wall-mount installations in classrooms or conference rooms, the PowerLite 425W offers the perfect solution at the perfect price. $999.95vendor image
Wireless Mouse
Single Unit
Belkin's Wireless Travel Mouse is perfect for taking on the road-no messy cables to get tangled, and more comfortable to use than your laptop's track pad. $22.99vendor image
Student Animal-Themed Headphones
The Animal Themed Student Headphone is specifically built for young students with safety as its first concern. Rugged ABS plastic earcups withstand daily use for student safety. This headphone is ideal for story-time, library and computer uses. $18.00vendor image
Flip Video Ultra Mobile Lab
Single Unit
Tool Factory’s Flip Video UltraHD 60-Minute Mobile Lab has 12 60-Minute HD camcorders, batteries and rechargers, tripods, and all the software you need to start a classroom video program. The easy-to-use Flip Video cameras make this the perfect video equipment package for schools. $595.00
Mini Mouse
Single Unit
The ultra-popular Mini Mouse is designed for little hands! It's 30% smaller than a standard mouse, and easy to grab. Mini Mouse is optical, so there is no sticking roller ball and no cleaning required. Ideal for elementary schools and laptop users. USB connection. $29.00vendor image
17" Magic Touch LCD Monitor
Single Unit
The Magic Touch LCD Monitor is a high quality computer LCD monitor with a built-in touchscreen! $540.00vendor image
Sharp EL-520 Scientific Calculator
Single Unit
With over 300 functions, this Sharp Scientific Calculator is the perfect find for the math classroom on a budget. $14.95vendor image
Sharp Handheld Simple Calculator
Single Unit
10-digit Quiz Calculator offers multiplication table quiz function and flash card function to help children learn math skills. Drill functions include addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Other functions include sign change, square root, pi and percent. Dual power source includes solar and battery. Calculator features an extra large (14.0mm) liquid crystal display (LCD) and weighs 2.2 oz. Functions $6.95vendor image
Switch - Joggle Pressure Adjustable
Red 2.5"
These are easy-to-use durable switches. They can be operated with the lightest of pressure or the pressure can be increased to suit the needs of individuals who need to rest their hands on the switch or have a tremor. Available in two sizes, 2.5" diameter or 5" diameter. $59.00vendor image