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Human Geometry Book

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Keywords: book, Math, vocabulary, geometry, informational text
Subject(s): Math, Geometry, English/Language Arts, Photography, Information Skills, Special Needs, Technology
Grades 3 through 12
School: Berea Elementary School, Montgomery, NY
Planned By: Kristina Storaska
Original Author: Kristina Storaska, Montgomery
This lesson is for students learning geometry. I begin the geometry unit reading The Greedy Triangle. After reading the book, I give the student a worksheet referencing the book that was read aloud. We go over the worksheet together. As we go through our geometry lessons and learn vocabulary, the students come up to the front and "model" or "pose" for the term. Then a picture is taken with a digital camera.

acute angle- student holds arms out to the side
(Def- angle Less than 90 degrees a "cute" angle)
Obtuse angle - student holds arms out to the side
(Def- angle Greater than 90 degrees less than
180 degrees)
Right angle- student holds arm straight up by their ear
and one arm out to the side(Def-90 degree angle)

Ray- student holds one hand out to the side with a fist
(vertex/point) and the other hand out to the side
pointing one finger (line) Def- a line with one
ending point ex: sun rays

Line- student holds both hands out to the side with
pointing fingers Def - a line that goes on forever in
both directions

line segment- student holds out both hands to the sides
with fists (endpoints) Def- a line that has two

flip - a student stands facing forward in a fancy pose and
takes one picture - then take a picture with the same
student with their back facing the camera to show the
flip. Def- an object moving from front to back along
the same plane

Slide- student faces the camera in a pose taking one
picture then moves to the left or right still facing
the camera. Def- an object that moves from left to
right along the same plane

Rotate- student stands and take one picture, 2nd picture
is taken with the student laying on their side, 3rd
picture is take with the student doing a handstand
(Def- an object that turns on one point or vertex)

Definitions provided may be adjusted to the grade level. Vocabulary terms may be added to make the book longer or to fit your classroom needs.

After the definitions have been discussed, you have taken pictures, and written the definitions it is time to put the book together. Give the students time to write all of their geometry definitions in awesome (grade level) sentences. Then have time where everyone can share their outstanding sentences. Do a silent vote to choose a sentence for each vocabulary term to be added to the book.

Now you are ready to put together the book. Print out color pictures of your geometry terms modeled by your students. Type the definitions and sentences using the vocabulary words. Print them out on the same page as the pictures or separately and cut and paste them on colorful card stock paper. For the cover you can ask your artist in the class to design the cover, include the art teacher, and have them do it in art class or let everyone submit their own cover and silent vote again. Making final touches to the book can include a dedication page, copyright page, table of contents, about the authors, page number on each page, etc. Finally, bind your book together and you are published. Share with everyone!
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
Adapted into a slide show with voice narration along with text for technology class.
Older grade levels may share their book with younger grades as book buddies.

Students can "sign" the book out and share with families

Use it as a study aid in the classroom

Very easy to take pictures and text to turn the project into a slide show for administration at board meeting, back to school night, budget vote night, parent teacher conference (for waiting parents)
Materials: Worksheets, Slideshow, Keyboarding, Word Processor, Math, Flash/USB Drives, Batteries, Digital Voice Recorders, Digital SLR, Point and Shoot
Other Items: 5 Card stock paper or construction paper (optional), $? each
Binding, $? each
Color printer, $? each
Digital camera, $? each
Lamination (optional), $? each
Computer with word processing and slide show capability, $? each