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Similes and Metaphor

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Keywords: similes, metaphors, LANGUAGE ARTS, poetry
Subject(s): English/Language Arts
Grades 3 through 5
School: Broadneck Elementary School, Arnold, MD
Planned By: Theresa Brown
Original Author: Theresa Brown, Arnold

Objective: Students will use the poetic elements of similes and metaphors in their writing.

1. Have the class take photos of objects in the classroom, other parts of the school, and outside of the school building.

2. Have students choose photos of two objects that are very different from each other and print those two photos.

3. Teach the concept of similes, metaphors, or both and give examples.

4. Have students list ways the objects in their 2 photos are alike.

5. From their list, have students write a simile or metaphor about the objects in their photos.

6. Students can then mount their pictures and simile or metaphor to make a mini poster to be displayed.

Variation: Instead of mounting the photos, students can verbally share their similes and metaphors. Then the photos can be collected and used again in a learning center or as another whole class project. Pairs of photos can be randomly selected and new similes or metaphors can be written.
Materials: Mobile Labs, Camera Bags