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Element Advertisement!

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Keywords: element, Periodic Table, pod cast, advertisement
Subject(s): Science, Technology
Grades 6 through 8
School: Kalamazoo Christian Middle Sch, Kalamazoo, MI
Planned By: Jessica Setsma
Original Author: Jessica Setsma, Kalamazoo
• Students will be able to identify an element’s symbol, number, atomic mass, and name on the Periodic Table of Elements.
• Students will learn application, cost, and industry information about some of the elements on the Periodic Table.
• Students will effectively create a pod cast for an audience of peers.

Materials needed:
• Laptop computers with internet access
• Audio recording equipment
• Class blog site (set up—I use blogger.com)
• Periodic Table of Elements
• Hat with the element names or numbers in it (small pieces of paper)

Background Information:
Students should have limited to no background information on the Periodic Table of Elements and/or the elements themselves. The project is a great introduction to the Periodic Table and its uses.

Begin with assessing prior knowledge. What is the Periodic Table used for? What do the numbers, letters, and symbols on the Periodic Table stand for? What can these numbers and symbols tell us about the elements on the periodic table?

Define the word Element. (A substance that cannot be broken down into any other substances by physical or chemical means.)

Show students where and how to find an element’s mass number, atomic number , atomic symbol, and element name on the periodic table. To reinforce, play a short game of “seek and find.” For this game you will give an atomic mass, or symbol or name and the students have to tell you what number element you are describing.

Have students pair up. Each pair should choose an element number or symbol from the hat. When all groups have their element, describe the project.

Each group will create a pod cast that serves as a radio advertisement for the element they choose. The pod cast radio advertisement should be at least thirty seconds long, and include the following information: The element's name, a catchy slogan for the element, the element’s number, mass, cost per oz or pound, where it can be found or mined, and at least three other interesting facts about the element. The ad must also include at least two sound effects and at least five seconds of music. The aim of the ad is to get your audience of peers to buy the element. All team members must be involved in the pod cast.

When finished, the pod cast will need to be uploaded to the class blog on blogger.com along with a picture of your team pointing to your element on the Periodic Table.

During our next class you will present your pod cast to the class.

Examples of slogans: “Spice up your day with a little Na!”
“Einsteinium is the BOMB! Do away with the hassle of Hydrogen and buy some here!”
If you would like a rubric for this project, I can also send/email one. I would use a rubric to grade this project. I also have a list of websites to aid students in finding the information they will need to create the advertisement (content websites).
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
The pod casts could be used for scrutiny of advertisements in the Social Studies propaganda unit or in Language Arts when the students are studying stereotyping.
Students could add jingles to the blog that reinforce the basics of the elements.
Materials: Point and Shoot, Web Page, xD Memory Cards, Digital Voice Recorders, Flash/USB Drives, Batteries
Other Items: 15 Headsets (1 per 2 students) and mics, $ 55 each, total of $825.00