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Job Transition--The Great Adventure

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Keywords: Preparation, Career, Job
Subject(s): Autism, Social Skills, Special Needs
Grades 9 through 12
Planned By: Emily Wilson
Original Author: Emily Wilson, Sunderland
Students within our developmental disability class work hard every single day to overcome many obstacles as they strive to learn and achieve at school and in our community. The amazing attitudes these students have as they come to school makes a huge impact on all those around them. The students are proud of all their accomplishments as they try to show the world that they are capable and dependable individuals.

The grant awards from this program will support up to 19 students as they document and share all of their job and work related experiences in the community. As students prepare for life after high school, they must focus on transition skills that will benefit their future.
The job component of our program supports our students as they learn a variety of work skills.

Students will use their new Olympus camera to document job skills as they work on campus and out in community jobs. Photos will show students as they are actively involved, learning new skills, working independently and working in group settings. Photos will then be placed in a portfolio that students can share with potential job agencies as they transition from high school to adult living.

The Tool Factory Word Processor will be a wonderful tool for the students to document job experiences and work skills they have acquired. Pictures taken on the job site will then be formated on the document and placed in their portfolios.

The built in voice engine will support our five autistic students as they prepare their documents. Spell check will assist them as they work independently. Each of our students will benefit by successfully creating portfolios that are vibrant and creative so that their transition into the work world will be a positive experience.

Life after high school can be a very scary time for students with special needs. This program will strengthen our goal in preparing our students for a future that is bright and rewarding!
Software: Tool Factory Word Processor
Autism Bundle
Spell Track
Clip Art Station
Picture Builder
Materials: Word Processor, Point and Shoot