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Follow the Drinking Gourd

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Keywords: school safety, Quilt Making, art, Slavery, teambuilding
Subject(s): Social Skills, Art, Social Studies, History
Grades K through 12
School: Kansas Treatment & Lrng Center, Kansas, IL
Planned By: Tanille Yow Ulm
Original Author: Tanille Yow Ulm, Kansas
The students will create an amazing and very personalized quilt after learning a valuable history lesson.

1. Take a fairly up-close photo of each student in the classroom.
2. Print the photos on Iron On Transfer sheets.
3. Have the students read "Follow the Drinking Gourd," if age appropriate.
4. Teach the students about the Underground Railroad and Harriett Tubman's contributions.
5. Emphasize the fact that individuals helping the slaves escape to freedom, hung a quilt on their front porch to let the slaves know that the house was "safe" to approach.
6. The creation of a quilt which will be displayed in the hall or front of the classroom will signify that the classroom is a safe place for students to learn.

Information can be gathered about Harriett Tubman, the Underground Railroad, and slavery through use of books and the internet.

a. Have the students use crayons to draw on the sandy side of a 5X7 piece of sandpaper. Press firmly so the image can be transferred.
b. Get a twin white sheet and place the sandpaper (sandy side down on the sheet) Use an iron (apply firm pressure) to iron on the drawing and photo of the student.
c. Student can finish off their personal square by writing their name with a sharpie or using fabric markers.
d. Bat the quilt and use a cool fabric to back the quilt.

Display the quilt and go on to discuss the Civil War.
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
Students could write a paper about the Underground Railroad
Students could learn about Geography in regards to the path the slaves took towards freedom.
Learn about the Civil War
Materials: Yearbook, Point and Shoot
Other Items: 1 Digital Camera, $590 each, total of $590.00
1 White twin FLAT sheet, $5.88 each, total of $5.88
1 Box of Crayons, $2.50 each, total of $2.50