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Paint the States - 50 & D.C.

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Keywords: United States, geography, painting
Subject(s): Social Studies, Geography
Grades 3 through 12
School: Kansas Treatment & Lrng Center, Kansas, IL
Planned By: Tanille Yow Ulm
Original Author: Tanille Yow Ulm, Kansas
Involve anyone who has artistic talent and good hand control.

1. Prime the wall.
2. Use an overhead projector to project a large image of the United States on the wall.
3. Add the state borders with black paint
4. Research each state as a individual project. Have each student present one state to the class, write a one page paper, and involve them in creating a collage or painting their state on the mural.
5. Each flag can also be painted as a border around the entire U.S. - this is for a very dedicated group, because some of the U.S. State flags are detailed and intricate.

SOME Ideas of Items to Paint
ARIZONA - Cactus, howling wolf, Pueblo
CALIFORNIA - Hollywood Hills, Trolley
COLORADO - Mountains, skiers, white water rafters
FLORIDA - Mickey Mouse, Alligator, Orange
HAWAII - pineapple, hula girl, lei, palm tree
ILLINOIS - Abraham Lincoln
IOWA - Corn field
LOUISIANA - Mardi Gras Mask, Man playing a Sax
NEW YORK - Statue of Liberty, Big Apple with skyscrapers
TENNESSEE - Guitar, Country music ideas
TEXAS - The Alamo
TAKE YOUR TIME WITH THIS. When finished take many pictures.
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
Students could write a paper about their state.
Students could study the manufacturing, population, and extra stats about their state.
If you enjoy this - go on to paint the world.
Materials: Projectors