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Endanged Animal Power Point

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Keywords: Power Point, Presentation, Earth Day, Endangered Animal, Computer Applications
Subject(s): Technology, Life Science, Earth Science, Information Skills, Business, Science, Journalism
Grades 6 through 12
School: Austin Middle School, Douglasville, GA
Planned By: Cecelia Medford
Original Author: Cecelia Medford, Douglasville
The issue of endangered species is one that all students need to learn. Every passing year more plants and animals become extinct. The students need to learn that human actions affect the planet. This lesson will educate students on endangered species while creating a Power Point presentation.

1. The student will be able to create a presentation using Power Point
2. The student will be able to search the web for information about endangered animals
3. The student will learn that many living animals are becoming extinct.
4. The student will be able to identify species that are labeled endangered
5. The student will be able to state reasons why the animal they selected is becoming extinct
6. The student will be able to tie what they learn about their animal into science, social studies, language arts, and computer applications
*****Advanced Computer students may sound and timing transitions to the presentation

Prior Knowledge:
Keyboarding, touch key typing
Experience using Microsoft Word and a basic introduction to Power Point

Microsoft Power Point
Internet Access

Sequence of Activities: Have students choose (or the teacher assign an endangered animal, research, and create animal presentation

Introduction to Students:
Talk to students about animals. Have them imagine not having a pets. Explain the importance of our natural resources and saving endangered animals. Tell the students, “You have been chosen to be on the committee to save an endangered animal. It is your assignment to gather information to save an endangered animal by creating a presentation to present to the world (your classmates) and post to the school website to promote awareness and help save your animal.”

Choose your animal and find websites that provide information about your animal. Use the information you gather to create 10 slides that will include:

Slide 1: Introduction (slide title)
Name of endangered Animal, Your name, Teacher name,

Slide 2: Description
Include a Photo of your Animal
What is its physical description? What does it look like?
Slide 3: Endangerment Status
How endangered is this Animal? How many are left?

Slide 4: Cause for Endangerment
Why is this animal endangered? What are the environmental reasons your animal is endangered?

Slide 5: Habitat
Where does it live? Which continent, area of the world, above ground, below ground, only in rivers, only in salt water, etc.?

Slide 6: Food
What does it eat? Does your animal have other animals that eat it?

Slide 7: Reproduction
How often? Is the offspring born or hatched?
How long does the parent care for its young?

Slide 8: Interesting Facts:
Does your animal have any distinctive characteristics or facts?

Slide 9: Save (Name of your animal)
What is being done to save your Animal? What can be done to help?
Why should humans care?

Slide 10: Work Cited
List all references you used in your presentation

Websites to research your animal:
may use other sites

Assessment: Students will present their presentations to their classmates. After each student is finished, ask questions to see if the students understand endangered species. Allow the students to ask
any questions that they may have. Check their work for computer skills, grammar.
Materials: Whiteboards, Point and Shoot, Portable, Projector Screens, MP3 Players, Video Tools, Animation, Printers, Flash/USB Drives, Batteries, Memory Cards, Headsets, LCD Monitors, Mice, Middle, Podcasting, Clip Art, Timeline, Autism, Hardware Devices