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The Year 2510

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Keywords: Presentation, Cooperative Groups, Artistic product, Creativity
Subject(s): Information Skills, Reading, Writing, Special Needs, Technology, Grammar, Spelling, English/Language Arts, Social Skills, Art
Grades 9 through 12
School: Macon Co High School, Montezuma, GA
Planned By: Stephen Henslee
Original Author: Stephen Henslee, Montezuma
1. The class is divided into groups of three students each.
2. Each group selects a leader, a scribe, and a presenter.
3. The leader selects an object from those provided by the teacher. These objects should be as varried as possible as to shape, purpose and design. Random objects from home work best.
4. After all groups have selected, no two the same, each group is given one opportunity to exchange their item for one of the remaining items. This is before they are told what they are to do with them.
5. Groups are to decide if the item is or is not technology. (ALL items are technology based on the following definition: "Technology is any service, product or system designed by man to improve man's living environment."
6. After all groups have an item, the teacher explains the lesson.
a) It is the year 2510 where ANYTHING they can imagine can be created.
b) Using only the SHAPE of their item they are to brainstorm a new invention, a new purpose.
c) The actual purpose of their item can NOT be used.
d) There is no restriction as to size, and what other features can be added to the original shape as long as that shape will still be recognizable.
7 Allow at least one full class period for groups to work on their invention idea. They do not have to actually change the item to look like their invention, just draw it out on paper.
8. The questions each group must answer about their innovation project are as follows:
a) Name and position of each group member

b) Whether the original item is or is not technology
c) Name of their new invention
d) Description of their new invention, in detail
e) Puropse of their new invention
f) How it is supposed to work
9. Students will work within their groups to produce a presentation to give the class with visual aids. (Poster, PowerPoint, Etc.) Allow at least one full class period for building presentations.
10. Allow at least one full class period (depending on number of groups) for actual presentations.
11. Use a rubric for groups to grade their own work. The teacher uses the same rubric for a teacher grade.
a) Completeness b) Neatness/Legibility c) presentation
12. Post completed materials in the classroom
Students often ask to do this activity again, though the element of surprize would no longer be available.
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
Writing, Presentation, Cooperative skills, math and all sciences depending on innovation and invention designed
Time line on innovation in a specifiec field otf technological development.
Materials: Office Suite, Flash/USB Drives, Mice, Keyboards, Computer Accessories, Printers, Whiteboards, Hard Drives, Word Processor, Art Tools, Authoring and Publishing, Integrating Technology