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Animals of Louisiana

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Keywords: young, environments, habitats, diets
Subject(s): Science, Photography, Life Science, Technology
Grades P-K through K
School: Sacred Heart School, Moreauville, LA
Planned By: Barbara Lang
Original Author: Barbara Lang, Moreauville
Day 1-5: Students will learn about animals, focusing on Louisiana animals, their habitats, their young, their diets, etc. Day 6: The students,accompanied by the teacher, will take a field trip to a wildlife refuge. The students will take effective pictures using digital cameras. Day 7: The pictures that have been taken will be used to create a booklet. Example: "Animals of Louisiana". Day 8: Invite parents to come to school to view the information gathered by the children. Day 9: The teacher will build a website on the school web page/classroom web page.
This is a great project to help children learn more about animals. It also allows parents to view the children's learning experiences.
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
In addition to science, the students will learn to take effective pictures with digital cameras.
Invite parents to school to view the booklet made by the students. Build a website on the school web page/classroom web page.
Materials: Web Page, Wildlife, Digital Cameras