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Digital Black and White Photography

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Keywords: Photography, Black and White photos, digital, camera,
Subject(s): Art, Technology, Photography, Journalism, History
Grades 8 through 12
School: Thompson Community Center, Warren, MI
Planned By: Sylvia Maisano
Original Author: Sylvia Maisano, Warren
In this lesson, students experiment with black and white photos taken in the classroom by each other.

First, using the internet, students research famous black and white photographers such as Ansel Adams.
Discuss digital photographer Ted Szukalski (Australia) and his black and white photos and how the effect the way we think.

Has technology changed photography? How and why?

The set up is using the white board, with the projector light on towards the board. Students use the digital camera and take pictures of each other in black and white format, using the light to capture the "right" photo.
Each student is to have 3 photos of themselves taken by another student. It is then transfered to their computer where they import the picture in to PowerPoint.
In PowerPoint, the can use the picture toolbar to crop the picture, add a frame, and adjust the contrast to the photo.
After the picture is fine tuned, students print one copy on the HP laserjet printer on photo quality paper.

Discussion of the photos on "what do they see?" and "how does this picture represent you?" take place after all the photos are printed.

Have students discuss what they could have tried differently in the lighting. What effect do they color would have compared to black and white.

Cross-Curriculum Ideas
Discuss sepia tones in next lesson. I had students go outside and use our old play ground for sepia toned photos. What an awesome effect it was! This could be used for Yearbook, Photojournalism, Essay writing, etc.
Materials: Whiteboards, Digital Cameras, Point and Shoot, Short Throw Projectors, Flash/USB Drives, Memory Cards, Art Tools, Internet Services, Student Resources
Other Items: 1 packet of photo paper, $12.00 each, total of $12.00