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Math is All Around Us

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Keywords: video dictionary, math, academic vocabulary,
Subject(s): Math
Grades 4 through 5
School: Leon Valley Elementary School, San Antonio, TX
Planned By: Nikki Polk
Original Author: Nikki Polk, San Antonio
1. Students use a camera and take pictures of 10 objects around the city or school that show math vocabulary. (Example a trash can is a cylinder). Students may bring the images in on CD or the camera itself.

2. Add each image to a new sheet in KidPix.

3. Use the pencil tool to trace the concept so that it is highlighted.

4. Export the images as jpegs.

5. Import the original images and the highlighted images into Windows MovieMaker.

6. Make a title screen and put the caption "Math is all around Us".

7. Add 1 of the original images.

8. Add the highlighted image right after the original repeat with all 10 photos.

9. Record voice narration of each photo pair.

10. Add a caption to label the photo and time it to come in with the voice narration.

11. Add transitions.

12. Add music (optional).

This was also beneficial to ESL learners
Materials: Digital Cameras, Point and Shoot, Flash/USB Drives, Memory Cards, CDs and DVDs, Elementary