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Lincoln Bicentennial Celebration

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Keywords: Video, Primary sources, Lincoln, History
Subject(s): History, English/Language Arts, Social Studies, Reading, Writing, Technology, Video
Grades 5 through 12
School: Lecanto Middle School, Lecanto, FL
Planned By: Reba Evans
Original Author: Reba Evans, Lecanto
Students will research using online resources from the Library of Congress and the National Archives to collect picture images and facts about the 16th president. With primary resources and reading many subject areas could be addressed:
Reading: Gettysburg Address, Emancipation Proclamation
Lang. Arts.: Primary Sources, synthesizing and summarizing facts
Technology: use of digital media
Social Studies/History: Lincoln, primary sources

Using a basic video editing program students will create short films using the images and narrating the facts they discovered online. There will be a two-day training on the video-editing program if students are not already familiar with it.
Students can either use audacity for voice, which is a free program, or they can use a timeline narrator if one is available in the video program they are using.

Students will publish the final products and in class on Lincoln's birthday we will have a red carpet premier complete with an actual red carpet and popcorn. Students will send out invites to other social studies classes to join us and we will watch their finished products.

The school morning show will also provide air time for the films as well as the after school program providing a venue for parents and community members to come and watch a premier of the afterschool students films using the same lesson plans.

This could be turned into a fundraising event by having cold canned drinks for a $1 or donation.
This is a great lesson to facilitate. Very little direct instruction as there are pictures to use rather than video to process.
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
This could literally be adapted to many subject areas and could be turned into a community event.
The airing of the films on the school morning show allows the activity to continue and the students to get school wide recongintion for thier efforts.
Links: national archives
Library of Congress
Materials: Integrating Technology, Internet Services, Video Tools, Digital Voice Recorders, Projector Screens, Short Throw Projectors, Mobile Labs
Other Items: 1 microwave popcorn, $3.00 each, total of $3.00
1 red carpet, $donated each
1 pkg. paper bowls for serving