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A Year to Remember

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Keywords: Calendars
Subject(s): English/Language Arts, Math
Grades K through 3
School: Highland Elementary School, Sylvania, OH
Planned By: Michele Henson
Original Author: Michele Henson, Sylvania
Preparing a calander can cover a number of content standards: months, days of the weeks, seasons, special events and the passage of time.
As the calendar year comes to an end my first graders prepare calendars to present to their parents as a Happy New Year surprise.

1. To prepare the calendars I run off 12 pages with a place for a picture at the top and a grid at the bottom to fill in the days of the weeks and the numbers of the month.
2. Students prepare a page each day by filling in the days of the weeks and arranging the numbers in the correct order for the particular month they are working on.
3. Discussion then takes place on what special events take place in that month and what the weather might bring. Students then prepare a picture at the top of the calendar to represent the month.

4. Beginning in September we use the digital camera to create a folder of pictures on each child in the classroom. We capture them at their locker, eating lunch, playing on the playground, working at their desk, dressed up for Halloween, working on the computer, completing an art project and other events.

5. These pictures are then made into a collage to be the cover of the student's calendar.

6. When all pages are completed we use the binding machine and put a plastic piece over the pictures on the front.

Parents now have a personalized calendar for the new year featuring their child on the cover enjoying first grade.
This was such a terrific project and one that was LOVED by the parents.
Materials: Digital Cameras