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Keywords: early learning, math, technology, sets
Subject(s): Technology, Math
Grades P-K through 1
School: Kaiser Elementary School, Oklahoma City, OK
Planned By: Julie Gathright
Original Author: Julie Gathright, Oklahoma City
On the board, have the students help you write the numerals, in the correct sequence, 0 - 10.

After you have written the numerals, have students collect or draw objects to show the value of the numeral.

Explain to students that they will be using the digital cameras to take pictures of objects to represent the numerals 0 - 10.

Begin brainstorming ideas as a class to get all of the students to understand the assignment. 0 will be a hard numeral to represent. Brainstorm ideas to represent the numeral 0. Continue on with the numerals 1 and 2. At this point you should see that the students understand the assignment.

Divide class into groups of 2 (unless there are enough cameras for each student to have one). Provide each group with a digital camera and piece of paper with the numerals 0 - 10 on it.

Instruct the students that they will take turns taking the pictures. If student A takes the picture, student B marks the number off of the paper, so they won't forget which numbers they have already taken pictures for. The next turn, student B takes the picture and student A marks if off.

Allow students 30 or 45 minutes to take pictures of objects to represent the numerals 0 - 10. (For gifted students, have them work on sets for 11 - 20. For lower students, have them work on sets for 0 - 5.)

Students will upload their photos into Windows Movie Maker to create a movie of their project.

They will choose a song to go with their pictures. (If time allows, you could record students saying the numeral name when the pictures appears in the movie.)

In the end, the students have a movie they have created for the OK PASS Kindergarten Math Standard 2.5.
Materials: Mobile Labs, Digital Cameras, Point and Shoot, CDs and DVDs, Batteries, Slideshow
Other Items: 25 Data CDs, $1.50 each, total of $37.50