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Welcome to Marshall Road!

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Keywords: Welcome Booklet, interviewing, photography
Subject(s): Social Skills, Technology, Writing, Photography, English/Language Arts, Grammar, Journalism
Grades 2 through 12
School: Marshall Road Elementary Sch, Vienna, VA
Planned By: Tara Carter
Original Author: Tara Carter, Vienna
1. Students will be assigned an interviewing and editing buddy, as well as the staff member/place to interview or report about.
2. Students will design an invitation to invite their staff member to their interview meeting.
3. While waiting for their interview date to come, the students will be working collaboratively to create their final interview questions.
4. The assigned staff member will meet with the students to answer their questions and will then have their picture taken in their typical work environment.
5. Afterwards, the students will send a thank you to their interviewee and will then work on taking the information and turning it into a paragraph that is interesting and well organized.
6. The paragraph will be edited by their peer partner. If it passess their inspection, as well as the teacher's, the students can then type and save their paragraph on the computer.
7. All pictures will be saved into our classroom folder on our server and will later be
inserted into the booklet format.
8. Students will share their creations with one another.
9. Upon completion of the final product, the students will share it with the staff members they interviewed and will distribute additional copies to the front office so that they can be given to new families.

***It is a wonderful idea to have the students' booklet translated into the varying languages of your school's community. Your creation can also be turned into a slideshow that can run at school functions and/or orientations.*** It can be adapted to meet the varying levels of your students:)!
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
After students become more comfortable with using digital cameras, they can utlize them as a tool to illustrate books they created or for other projects that are being completed. It is also a great way to help those ESOL students become more familiar with common place objects and terms.
Students will present their brochure to the school's staff and will also need to have their interviewee evaluate their interviewing performance. Peer partners will also complete an evaluation of each other. Individuals will write a self-reflection (i.e. things they learned, liked, disliked, etc.)
Materials: Elementary
Other Items: Digital Camera
Memory Cards