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Math Vocab Videos

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Keywords: math, technology, videos
Subject(s): Math
Grades 9 through 12
School: Del Mar High School, San Jose, CA
Planned By: A H
Original Author: Anne Hefflinger, San Jose

This short video project will help you and your classmates remember the definitions of the chapterís key words. Itís your chance to show your creative side in math class.

For each unit, your group will be assigned one vocabulary word or concept. Your group will have to create a 2-3 minute presentation (movie) that will help your classmates remember the definition of your word. For an example of a completed video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DOjF2Odm6OQ

You will receive an individual quiz grade for this assignment. Your video should be creative and SCHOOL APPROPRIATE. All of group members must participate; you will grade each other.

You will be graded on:
1. Completion: Your groupís 2-3 minute video (uploaded to youtube or to a cd) by the chapter review/group test day.
2. Quality: Did you define your word correctly? Was your video easy to understand? Easy to hear? School appropriate?
3. Creativity: Your classmates and I will judge your video every unit. The most creative/memorable video will receive a oscar.

A Good Questions to Ask While Making Your Movie:
Will our classmates know exactly what our word means after our movie? (For example: If your word was multiplier, would your classmates be able to describe what a multiplier is and how to find one?)

Materials: Flip Video, Cables, High
Other Items: 5 Flip Video Cameras, $149.99 each, total of $749.95
5 USB Cables, $10 each, total of $50.00
Associated File: 3220.kid