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Keywords: Technology, Proposal, Budget
Subject(s): Technology, Business
Grades 8 through 12
School: Gateway Academy, Chesterfield, MO
Planned By: Jill Badalamenti
Original Author: Jill Badalamenti, Chesterfield
This lesson is designed for my students specifically, but you can change the dates, times and school information as needed. I also attached a copy of a wish list found on the Internet. One last thing, I planned for the principal to come and listen to the presentations.

Step 1 – Choose your technology coordinator. This person will be in charge of making all final decisions as well as guiding the group through the process. They will also be the only one who will ask for assistance from the Company Owners.

Step 2 – Give your project a name. The name should be something catchy and yet professional. The name is the first thing the Company will hear.

Step 3 – Create a wish list. The wish list needs to ask questions or prompt the readers to ask for technology. See school example on next page.

Step 4 – Interview teachers. You need to interview at least on Lower, one Middle, and one Upper School Teacher. You need to find out what they want for technology and include it in your wish list. Please plan ahead and schedule a time to meet with them.

Step 5 – Create and research your list of necessary and practical technology needs. This list can be created in Word or Excel and needs to look similar to the wish list example.

Step 6 - Design a way to present this material using technology. The Company wants to hear your proposals on March 17 in the Girl’s Computer Lab at 8:00 am. These presentations should be persuasive and convincing. There should a lot of options and reasons why the Company should choose what you have suggested. Make sure you look at the needs and the amount of money it will cost.

Info you need to know:
The Company you will be researching for is a school. They have about 500 students in grades PK-12. It is a private school and the funding allotted for this project is $125,000. The Company only has 10 minutes per group to listen to presentations. Please include as many visuals as possible and back up all information with facts or persuasive opinions.
I did this in a Computer Lab over 4 class periods (50 min each).
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
This could be done for any curriculum area that is going to be improved in the next few years. It makes more sense to have the students tell you what they think would be beneficial to their learning than to just assume it as a teacher.
The principal could choose the proposal they liked the best. Then when the equipment is going to be bought, the principal could include a thanks to those students whose ideas they used.
Links: Link to Wish List I Used
Link to Alternate Wish List
SMARTtech Website
Materials: Projectors, Projector Screens, Computer Accessories, Keyboards, LCD Monitors, Mice, Flash/USB Drives, Word Processor, Slideshow
Associated File: 3232.kid