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Keywords: robotics, safety, podcasting
Subject(s): Information Skills, Podcasting, Technology, Video, Photography, Science
Grades 9 through 12
School: Tehachapi High School, Tehachapi, CA
Planned By: Danielle Evansic
Original Author: Danielle Evansic, Tehachapi
At the beginning of the school year, students are introduced to the robotics lab and the machinery and equipment they will be using as part of the course. The students will be given lessons on lab safety procedures, shown the location of safety equipment, and given demonstrations on the safe operation of machinery and equipment. As a summative assessment, students will be tested on each station within the lab. The introduction to the lab equipment and safety procedures will take up one week of classes.

In addition to a test on each station, students will be grouped into twos or threes and tasked with creating a Safe Practices Pod-Cast on one of the following: a station in the lab (ie: soldering, hand tools, the band saw, and the drill press), general lab safety, or emergency procedures. Students will use video, graphics, voice, and sound effects to create their pod-casts. Each pod-cast should be no more than 90 seconds in length. The pod-casts will be posted on the robotics class's website for public access.

Pod-casts will be graded on completeness (are all key safety elements covered?), ease of understanding (were directions clear and concise?), flow and technical delivery (were transitions smooth, was picture quality appropriate?), and entertainment value (would you watch it again? was the information presented in a memorable way?). Finally, students will vote for their favorite pod-cast to win a prize for the group - a precision screw-driver set, or other small but useful tool.

The goal of this project is to help solidify understanding of safety precautions and procedures in the robotics lab. Students learn new skills of podcasting, video editing, sound editing, moving and still photography while summarizing key learnings from the safety lessons.
Students can help edit each other's podcasts to create a uniform appearance to the library of podcasts created. They could then produce a series of safety videos for reference by other classes or the next year's class.
Materials: Authoring and Publishing, Podcasting, Animation, Video Tools, Microphones, Digital Voice Recorders, Short Throw Projectors, Flash Memory Camcorders, Web Page, Slideshow, Screen Capture, Cause and Effect