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Creative Color Wheel

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Keywords: Color Theory, Adobe PhotoShop, Art
Subject(s): Art, Technology
Grades 9 through 12
School: Marist High School, Chicago, IL
Planned By: Rita Ator
Original Author: Rita Ator, Chicago
Teacher will introduce basic vocabulary including color wheel, primary colors, secondary colors and intermediate colors. Teacher will reinforce vocabulary by discussing various artworks using different color schemes.
Students will follow along with instructor as he/ or she demonstrates how to hand paint a photo using Adobe PhotoShop CS3.
Students will:
Find an image on the web or use an old image taking from class that will be used for the color wheel.
Complete (1) hand colored photograph using Adobe Photoshop.
a. Load picture off web.
b. In PhotoShop remove all the color (convert the image to greyscale mode) and then back to RGB.
c. Create a new layer and change the mode to color.
d. Use you Eyedropper to choose a foreground color.
e. Use a brush and start painting photo.
f. Paint in the order of the color wheel.
Upon completion, students will write a and self-assessment and critique their finish projects to the class.
Materials: Whiteboards, Digital Cameras, Printers, LCD Monitors, Flash/USB Drives