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Portable Art Portfolio

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Keywords: art, photography, power point, portfolio, digital portfolio
Subject(s): Art, Technology, Autism, Dyslexia, Special Needs, Photography
Grades 6 through 8
School: Evans Middle School, McKinney, TX
Planned By: Leslie Booth
Original Author: Leslie Booth, McKinney
Students will take a quality digital image of every project they create throughout the year, crop it, and display it in the most aesthetic manner possible in an ongoing power point stored on an in-class pen drive. It will be presented in a power point format and shared with the class at the end of the semester/year. For middle school art only, it can be cropped, framed out, and presented in a creative and aesthetic way, even including animation and music. For older levels, cropping and digital framing is probably not recommended as many college art departments won't accept it as a formal portfolio.
This gives students an introduction to creating and keeping up with a digital portfolio, and allows and encourages them to be creative with it.
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
This same method can be used in all core classes. Simply have them scan their project papers, create a power point slide for each, and make them creatively cohesive. A great way to keep a record of work in any class.
Share them all in class at the end of the semester/year. Use them as the final exam.
Materials: Point and Shoot, Televisions, CDs and DVDs, Flash/USB Drives, Power, Keyboards, LCD Monitors, Mice, Art Tools, Keyboarding, Slideshow, Screen Capture, Animation, Video Tools, Music, Sound Libraries, Autism, Dyslexia