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Addressing the Nation

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Keywords: civil war, leadership, president, address
Subject(s): Social Studies, History
Grades 6 through 8
School: Bridge Academy, Bridgeport, CT
Planned By: Thomas Canfarotta
Original Author: Thomas Canfarotta, Bridgeport
The Big Idea(s)

American history is influenced by people, their decisions, and their characteristics.

The Essential Question(s)

What influences American history?

Which Standard(s) will this task target?

1.1 - Demonstrate an understanding of significant events and themes in United States history.

2.2 – Interpret information from a variety of primary and secondary sources (maps, charts, graphs, images and print materials).

2.3 – Create various forms of written work to demonstrate an understanding of history and social studies issues.

2.4 – Demonstrate ability to participate in social studies discourse through informed discussion, debate and effective oral presentation.

Which essential Question will this task target?

What influences American history?

What makes a person a good leader?

How would America be different today if the leaders of the Civil War were different?

Which Unwrapped content knowledge and skills will this task target?

Skills (Verbs) – Demonstrate, describe, explain, support, compare, evaluate, present

Concepts (Nouns) – Understanding, information, evidence,

What Application of learning will this task require? (What will the students do or produce in this task?)

1. A two minute oral presentation

What instruction, information, and Resources will students need first?

1. Engaging Scenario Handout
2. Their “Compare”essay
3. Their “How would history be different” Essay
4. Rubric

What individual Evidence of learning will this task produce?
1. Students will be able to describe the characteristics of their candidate, and explain how that makes him/her the best candidate for the position.
2. Students will be able to compare their candidate to one leader from the civil war.
3. Students will be able to evaluate what makes an effective leader
4. Students will be able to orally present information and support it with primary and secondary evidence.

Task 4 Complete Description
1. Engaging scenario is passed out.
2. They then write a speech to give to the entire country explaining why they should vote for their candidate.
3. Oral presentations

Task 4 Rubric
 All proficient criteria met PLUS:
 Speech shows clear evaluation of what makes someone a good leader. (more than just a list of characteristics).

 Speech includes the characteristics that make your candidate an effective leader.
 Speech includes support from biographical sketches about one civil war leader
 Speech compares your candidate with that leader, and makes connections as to “how that makes your candidate effective.”
 Speech is two minutes long.
 Speech includes the characteristics that make your candidate an effective leader.
 Speech talks about a civil war leader,
 Speech does not include evidence.
 Speech is two minutes long

Not yet meeting standard(s)
 Speech includes the characteristics that make your candidate an effective leader.
 Speech is not two minutes long.

Materials: Whiteboards
Other Items: 1 SmartBoard, $3,000 each