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Keywords: Student Government, Elections
Subject(s): Social Studies
Grades 5 through 6
School: Union Christian Day School, Union, SC
Planned By: Danielle Bennett
Original Author: Danielle Bennett, Union
In the fall of 2008, my elementary Social Studies classes (grades 3-6) followed the national, state, and local elections as a part of our unit of study on government and election process. As interest was sparked in the topic, my 5th grade class suggested that we hold our own school election. Thus, the first Junior Student Government Association at Union Christian Day School began!

This year marks our second annual Junior SGA elections. In order to integrate technology into our unit, we plan to use camcorders and digital camers to create campaign videos that will be broadcasted to the elementary classes. Through this project, students have the opportunity to express their thoughts and views on school issues, propose student activities, and describe why they desire to take part in the student government.

Along with expressing the creativity and promoting school spirit and involvement in the Student Governement Association, students are afforded the opportunity to expand their knowledge of technology and its uses as they learn to operate the devices, as well as upload their videos and pictures onto the classroom computer and create their campaign DVDs.

5th-6th graders are eligible to run for SGA offices.
3rd-6th graders are eligible to vote for SGA officers.
Materials: Mobile Labs
Other Items: 1 Flip Video Ultra Mobile Lab, $3539.95 each, total of $3539.95
1 Mobile Digital Camera Lab, $3648.95 each, total of $3648.95