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Shape Hunt

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Keywords: shapes, digital camera, hunt
Subject(s): Math, Geometry
Grades 2 through 4
School: Boothwyn Elementary School, Boothwyn, PA
Planned By:
Original Author: Diane Wheeler, Boothwyn
1. After teaching what students about two dimensional (circle, square, triangle, etc. )and three dimensional (sphere, cone, cube, etc.) shapes, they will then list them on a sheet of paper.
2. With a partner, students will walk around the school and shape hunt. They will try to find 8 of the shapes, crossing them off on their sheet as they find them.
-If you have one camera, students will go in partner groups
-If you have a class set, students will still work with partners, but the whole class will be working at the same time.
3. After the pictures are taken, the pictures will be uploaded on to Tool Factory Move Maker or if that is not available to Photo Story, a free download for Microsoft. The pictures will then be put into a video.
4. The teacher will project the video. The students will call out the names of the shapes. This will then be a review for a test or state test.

Optional: The video could be shared with the first and kindergarten teachers. They could use it to introduce the shapes.
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
You could look for shapes in nature for a science connection. Instead of 'hunting' in the school, you would hunt on school grounds or even on a field trip to a park.
The video could be revisited when testing occurs or shared with other grades.
Links: Photostory download
Materials: Memory Cards, Batteries, Elementary, Projectors, Digital Cameras