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Keywords: Video editing, computers
Subject(s): Business, Technology
Grade 12
School: Palmyra High School, Palmyra, MO
Planned By: Leisa Hinkle
Original Author: Leisa Hinkle, Palmyra
Graduation Video

Objective: Students will use the basic concepts that they have learned using a video editing software. The project will show a progression of their life. The following must be included in the video: transitions, background music, content that will last at least 5 minutes, Title slide, credit slide, and voice recording on the credit slide.

1. The student will gather pictures of themselves for the different sections designated by the teacher (baby, school, hobbies, family, friends).

2. Pictures will either be scanned in and saved to their network drive or copied to their network drive if the pictures are already in electronic form.

3. Students will then import the pictures into a video editing software and create a timeline.

4. Students will place transitions between each slide.

5. Students will learn to create their own recording of their voice and import it at the end of the presentation.

6. Students will learn to import, edit and modify sound files to give the presentation some background music.

7. After final editing, the students will burn their project to a DVD to be given to their family as a thank you present.
Materials: CDs and DVDs, Microphones
Other Items: 3 Hip hop background music CDs, $29.95 each, total of $89.85
2 Scanners- hp scanjet g4050 photo scanners, $189.99 each, total of $379.98