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Walk a Day in my Moccasins

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Keywords: Visual diary
Subject(s): English/Language Arts, Social Studies, Information Skills, Reading, Writing, Special Needs, Life Science, Podcasting, Autism, Technology, Social Skills, Video, Art, Spelling, Service Learning, Grammar, Drama
Grades P-K through 5
NETS-S Standard:
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Communication and Collaboration
  • Digital Citizenship
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School: Brookside Elementary School, Norwalk, CT
Planned By: Melania Smith
Original Author: Melania Smith, Norwalk
Opening a dialogue to students with no voice or who think they are invisible.

Lesson Objective:
Using technology to assist students with self -expression in the classroom to show what they deal with everyday in and out the classroom.

Video camera
Video permission slip from parents
Books about friendship,
Books about special needs characters
Books about non-English language characters

Teacher Discussion:

After read aloud several books about ELL, ESL, Special Needs, and Gifted and Talented students as the main characters. We will see their similarities and their difference in the characters in the books. Talk about these characters.

Students will generate two questions about the characters they have read about?

Pair students to share about their own selves and what their life is like in the school environment. You will pair -up students with other students to journal write and ask each other questions about themselves in the course of their day. Student will choose the most interesting pair of students and that "pair" of students will create a video of their walk in the day of being a student. They will share it with the class to learn more about each other and their back grounds.

Cross-Curriculum Ideas
Intergration of Language Art, Technology and Visual Art
Bring each "pairing group back to share their experience with their special buddy that they were paired with for the day of recording. What did they learn about their "new friend" that they didn't know before.
Materials: English/Language Arts, CDs and DVDs, Camera/Video Accessories, Printers, Pen Readers, Art Tools, Digital Voice Recorders, DVD Camcorder, Flip Video, Autism, Speech and Language
Other Items: 1 Laptop, $199.00 each, total of $199.00