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Las Vegas: We are just like you

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Keywords: Stereotypes, technology, promotion, las vegas
Subject(s): Art, Video, Social Skills, Technology, Geography, Business, Photography, English/Language Arts, History
Grades 9 through 12
School: Advanced Technology Academy, Las Vegas, NV
Planned By: Geoffrey DeMaio
Original Author: Geoffrey DeMaio, Las Vegas
What do you think of when you hear about Las Vegas? When our students and teachers travel to conferences throughout the USA, we hear comments such as "do you live in a hotel, do you teach blackjack, how are the buffets?

We want to show America that we are not just the entertainment capital of the world, but a city with growing pains, with students with similar interests and needs.

PRE PROJECT: using the web, we will select cities and towns in 15 states, study their culture an daily life, compare/contrast needs and wants. We are looking for the largest differences, and we will focus on them.

OBJECTIVES: students will be able to:
*gain a better understanding of different cultures
*understand stereotypes and how to overcome them
*create mulimedia projects, using Olympus Equipment, such as Microsoft Movie Maker, and Powerpoints with Mpeg movies, and Photoshop brochures, to support our mission
*learn art of promotion and its effectiveness
*work in small groups to accomplish common goals

*using cameras for photo field trips through neighborhoods based on discussed themes , i.e. nature, schools, employment, families, recreation, etc..
*group discussions of our pictures
*creating multimedia projects
*packaging our finished product
*distribution to selected schools in selected towns/cities

*Follow up with "customers" through videoconferencing and webcam
*discussion of improvements for future
We feel that the students will discover technology learning while engaged in a project with outstanding potential
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
work with Social Studies Dept, to help with american history, science dept., helping with geography and terrain, graphic arts dept, with video, library for videoconferencing
photostudies for awareness of problems in our own neighborhoods
Materials: Mobile Labs, DVD Camcorder, Flash/USB Drives, Tripods, Batteries, Memory Cards