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Reader's Theater Flip Video Fluency Lesson

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Keywords: Reading Fluency, Reader's Theater
Subject(s): Art, Reading, Drama
Grades 1 through 5
School: Halethorpe Elementary School, Halethorpe, MD
Planned By: Kelly O'Connell
Original Author: Kelly O'Connell, Halethorpe
Each small group of students will be given a Reader's Theater to practice their reading fluency. Each group will perform a fable. The following fables will be included in the lesson: The Grasshopper and the Ant, The Lion and the Mouse, The Tortoise and the Hare, The Dog and his Reflection, and The Fox, the dog and the Grapes.
Students will practice reading their parts with the members in their group. They will help each other improve fluency by monitoring each others reading with a fluency checklist. The fluency checklist will include speed (rate at which we speak), smoothness (not robotic or sounding out words), accuracy (reading the words correctly), and expression (read with feeling).
Students will create background scenery using markers and bulletin board paper. Students will practice acting out their parts in front of the scenery. Students will act out their final performances while being video recorded using the Flip Video camera. Students will have a chance to monitor their own fluency by watching their flip videos and using a checklist to grade themselves.
Students love seeing themselves on the big screen. Fluency can be a very tricky reading component to teach. Using the Flip Video Camera really makes it motivating and exciting. Students love it and so do I!
Have the students use their self monitoring checklists to practice their reading fluency. Record students doing another Reader's Theater a few weeks later. Watch teh videos to determine growth.
Materials: Flip Video, Short Throw Projectors, Projector Screens