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Facebook For Good!

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Keywords: Facebook, Social Networking, Business
Subject(s): Technology, Business
Grades 9 through 12
School: Forest Lake Senior High School, Forest Lake, MN
Planned By: Kristen Nellis
Original Author: Kristen Nellis, Forest Lake
Facebook For Good!

You can have one partner….

We are going to use Facebook to make a positive campaign in the school! Think about something that you are passionate about. It could be Range Pride, Drunk Driving, or Bullying. When you have your idea, do the following:

1. Explain the topic you have picked. Why did you pick it and what do you want to accomplish with it. You can work with school groups like SADD if you want. You must list a specific goal. Ex: Get students to wear maroon and gold on Friday to have a Ranger Pride day without Homecoming!
2. Create a Group account on Facebook for your cause. Ex group name: Ranger Pride!
3. On the Facebook page write about your cause and include pictures or videos to motivate people to action.
4. Post a question on your page for your friends to respond to. Ex: What should be done to increase Ranger pride?
5. Send out requests for everyone you know to join your Facebook page. Get them to go to question and reply. Must get at least 40 (remember you have all your classmates)
6. After you have at least 40 posts to the question, you will write a short summary of your results.
7. From the results you should come up with an action plan to meet the goal you have set. Ex: From students opinions I have learned that students want to have an occasion to wear their spirit gear. I will have an official Ranger Pride Day.
8. Take the steps needed to make you goal: ex: talk to administration to have the official day.
9. Market your plan on Facebook. Get others to help. If you can show me that your “friends” have done something to help with the project you will get extra credit. Ex: Show me posters that your facebook friends have created to help market to plan throughout the school.
10. Put the plan into action!
11. Create a survey on : http://www.freeonlinesurveys.com/ to see how the plan went
12. Link from Facebook to the survey and get at least 20 people to take it
13. Write a half page reflection on the campaign. Think about what went well and what would you do different. Was Facebook an effective marketing tool? Explain
This project was done in my class and the students enjoyed using Facebook for a good cause, it was also helpful in educating staff that there are positive aspects to Facebook for learning.
Materials: Printers, Keyboards, Mice, Flash/USB Drives, Word Processor, Keyboarding, Web Page