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Flipping with Math

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Keywords: subtraction, addition, math, number sentences
Subject(s): Math, Writing
Grade 1
School: Dozier Elementary School, Erath, LA
Planned By: Sadie Suire
Original Author: Sadie Suire, Erath
Grade Level Expectations:

Addition, subtraction, number sentences, counting


For students to write number sentences for simple addition and subtraction problems in Kindergarten or First Grade.


1. The students begin by have writing a number sentence their own number sentence with objects in the classroom or they can bring them from home.

Example: 1 apple + 4 oranges = 5 pieces of fruit.

2. Using a simple paint program or drawing program (Kid Pix) , the students will draw their problem and put the text in the activity.

3. Using a flip camera, the students will then film segments of each other explaining (and modeling) their number sentences.

4. Students will pair up with someone in the class. The student who wrote the number sentence will "present" the number sentence with the objects. The other student will "write" the problem as the first student speaks.

5. Then the class will view all segments once they are placed on the computer.


Still cameras could also be used if no flip camera is available. Students could take pictures of items, place in MS Word documents or powerpoints and then type the number sentence showing their items.
Materials: CDs and DVDs, Point and Shoot, Flip Video, Hard Drives