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Video Social Stories

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Keywords: social skills, behavior, Social Stories
Subject(s): Social Skills, Autism
Grades P-K through 5
School: E M Yoder Elementary School, Mebane, NC
Planned By: Beth Courtney
Original Author: Beth Courtney, Mebane
Flip Camera
SMART Board and projector (optional)
1) Identify a specific social or behavioral skill for your target student. A helpful check list can be found at http://depts.washington.edu/dataproj/SocialSkillsChecklist11-04.pdf

Information may also be gathered from classroom observations, parent, teacher and student interviews.

2) Write a Social Story about the skill or situation you wish you to address. Social Stories are short, straightforward descriptions of social situations which provide details of what a person might expect from a situation, and describes what may be expected of the person. www.thegraycenter.org provides specific instructions of how to write a Social Story.

3) Over the next few days, read the Social Story with the student several times.

4) Select a time when the student is not stressed and read the story again. Explain to your student that he/she will now practice the situation. In many cases this will require involving other students or staff in the practice. Remember to obtain consent from parents for each student who will be taped.

5) Remind the student(s) of what you will be looking for. For example. "We are going to make a movie about lining up quietly and without touching. For this movie we will pretend that we are getting ready to go outside. Remember our rules about lining up. (explain your classroom procedure for this).

6) Call the students to line up as you tape them. Zoom in on the behaviors you want to highlight such as hands by sides, quiet mouths, eyes straight ahead etc..

7) Once you have a final version, you can edit and add text or voice over to highlight the important behavioral skills

8) This movie can be used when a students need a reminder of the skill highlighted in the movie.

9) Students may watch this movie individually on a computer or in a group as it is projected onto a Smart Board.
Links: link to Carol Gray Social Story site
social skills check list
Materials: Flash/USB Drives, Camera Bags, Whiteboards, Tripods, Batteries, Autism
Other Items: 1 Flip Ultra digital video recorder, $75.00 each, total of $75.00