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Keywords: physical fitness, health, fitness, social skills
Subject(s): Social Skills, Health and PE, Technology
Grades P-K through 4
School: Peterstown Elementary School, Peterstown, WV
Planned By: Erica Smith
Original Author: Erica Smith, Peterstown
We will collaborate with our county's high school to have their students create PSAs about Staying Healthy, Saying "no" to drugs, healthy habits and demonstrating physical fitness activities such as aerobics and/or excercises. These will be students that our children recognize either their uniforms or through their relationships with them (tutors).
We will invite high school students that participate to come in at the end of the school year and do a meet and greet with all the students in the school.
We will also include local business leaders, civic organization participants, veterans, firefighters, and police officers as our "guest stars" in these videos.
This is a wonderful "big brother/big sister" activity especially for students that lack positive role models in their life
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
Incorporates Health, Physical Education, Technology, Social Skills
Visits from guests who make and "star" in the videos
Materials: Flash/USB Drives, Camera Bags, Camera/Video Accessories, Flip Video, Flash Memory Camcorders, Video Cameras, Tripods, Batteries, Memory Cards