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Flipping Over Our Weather Reports

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Keywords: flip camera, report, weather
Subject(s): Science, Earth Science, Writing
Grades 2 through 6
School: Dozier Elementary School, Erath, LA
Planned By: Stacy Broussard
Original Author: Stacy Broussard, Erath
Flipping Over Our Weather Reports

Co Authored with Stacy Bodin

NOTE: If you team teach, the “science” teacher can introduce the weather unit and the ELA teacher would work with her by doing a weather report to extend the lesson. (Flip Camera Lesson)

Goal: Students will write and film a weather report.

Time Span: One week (during Science or Language)

1.Study weather (Unit) This can be used as an extension lesson for a weather unit.

2.Get books on weather. Review different types of weather and weather words on a newscast. (highs, lows, rain, humidity, etc.)

3.Divide the students into groups and have each child, create symbols for their weather cast to place on maps. (rain, snow, sleet, storms, tornado, hurricane, etc.) You will have cameramen, a student to direct the segments (count or say “roll, cut, etc.) and a person working the laptop/computer with the maps. You will have one student with a digital still camera taking photos. Each segment will have “one or two people” as the weatherman (or weatherpersons).

4.Have the students watch weather reports on the internet. Most have video clips that can be streamed now.

5.Each team will have a director, cameraperson, still cameraman, two weathermen (or weatherpersons). The group will decide on jobs. Teacher needs to oversee each groups ideas, and writing. The entire group will write their weather report together, deciding what the weather will be over a three day course.

•US Map
•State Map
•District, Parish or County maps (or regions)

6.Give the students this assignment:

•What is the national weather like in the north, south, west and east portions of the United States?
•What is the state's weather like today?
•Create a 3 day forecast which includes: Highs, lows, weather patterns, use of terms north, south, east, west, nation, state, local, etc.

7.Each group will write their own weather reports.

8.Project a US map on a computer on a screen. The students can create a PowerPoint to during their report. A laptop and projector is can produce a nice weather background for the students to use in their reports. Do the same for the next two segments. The weather team will report their weather report and use their symbols on the wall of the projected images. Have the students practice a few times and then have them practice for homework.

9.Film the segments using a flip camera. Download the clips. One option would be to edit (or have the students edit their segments.)

10.Once each team has finished their report, view those as a class.

11.The assessment will be a writing assignment on what they learned about weather.

Links: Local Weather Station 1
Vermilion Parish Weather Site
Weather Channel
Local Weather Channel 2
Materials: Short Throw Projectors, Point and Shoot, Flip Video, Video Cameras, Mobile Labs, Microphones, PA Systems