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Exploring Climate Change

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Keywords: Climate Change, Environmental Science, Glog, Pod Cast, WikiPage, projector, computer
Subject(s): Technology, Writing, Reading, Earth Science, Information Skills, Science, Journalism
Grades 9 through 12
School: Chestatee High School, Gainesville, GA
Planned By: Rebecca Hamby
Original Author: Rebecca Hamby, Gainesville
During this lesson the students would begin by gathering basic information from their textbook about climate change and compiling this information into a class wikipage.

Then the students would be divided into groups in which they would choose to take on the role of a climate scientist, policy analyst, or energy expert. From that point of view they would research climate change and create a Glog on www.glogster.com or www.edu.glogster.com, presenting their findings.
Students would then present their Glogs to the class explaining their findings.

After presentations are complete and students feel informed and opinionated, they will be divided into two groups - Climate change is a natural cycle or Climate change is caused by man. In teams of 4 the students will debate their viewpoints. The debates will be recorded and published as podcasts for other classes to review.
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
This lesson could be used i conjunction with Government and Social Studies classes as they discuss policy.
Reflection paper on climate change; Article scrapbook including climate change articles over the course of the semester
Links: Glogster
Wiki Space
Materials: Mobile Labs, Short Throw Projectors, Digital Voice Recorders, MP3 Players, Microphones, Hard Drives, Printers, Keyboards, LCD Monitors, Mice, Flash/USB Drives, Podcasting