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Seed to Plate

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Keywords: Gardening, Nutrition
Subject(s): Photography, Biology, Earth Science, Life Science, Geography, Technology, Video
Grades 2 through 3
School: Starshine Academy, Phoenix, AZ
Planned By: Jennifer Douglas
Original Author: Jennifer Douglas, Phoenix
This lesson will start at the beginning of the school year and be continuous throughout the school year. The students will use their digital cameras to record, with pictures and video, the planting and growth of the school garden. Over the course of the year the students will gather information with these tools to develop a book that they will use to teach younger grades the value of a nutritional diet and growing your own food. We will integrate many subjects year round. In Geography students will use maps to locate where Arizona is located, the climate here for growing foods and the types of soils found in Arizona. Students will learn about the human body in Life Science when talking about the digestive system and how different foods affect our bodies. Nutrition will be a major focus in this project as well; most of the children in this lower socio-economic status level have poor nutrition. Students will learn in Biology what insects are necessary and what type can harm a garden. This project will flourish with the use of technology. Having a digital camera lab will be an asset to the school and this project.
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
Language Arts- bookmaking. We will be recording our journey with digital pictures, making a book to teach younger grades with. Biology, Life Science, Earth Science- gardening and nutrition. The students will learn what foods are healthy and healing to the human body. Geography- growing plants in Arizona. The students will research and choose plants that will thrive in the southwest.
The students will learn even more about the project by teaching younger grades what they have learned.
Materials: English/Language Arts, Elementary, Digital Cameras, Mobile Labs, Whiteboards